15 Must-Have Items for Travelling with Newborns or Toddlers
15 Must-Have Items for Travelling with Newborns or Toddlers

15 Must-Have Items for Travelling with Newborns or Toddlers

Traveling with a baby is a tedious task. For first-time parents or those traveling with a baby for the first time, the tediousness increases ten folds. If you are someone who will soon be traveling with a baby and is searching for some essential travel items. Good news for you, your search ends here.


The guide below holds every essential travel item you might need on your trip.


What are the Most Important Travel Essentials for Newborns and Toddlers?

It can take time to decipher the necessary baby items to carry with them for first-time parents or those traveling with a baby for the first time. Many parents are tempted to carry every baby product they feel could be handy. However, this isn't the proper technique, and you'd only regret carrying the extra load with you.

If you need clarification and want a little help figuring out what to pack and what to not. The products below will be a great help to you.


·      Halo Swaddle Sleep Sack 

The swaddle sleep sack is ideal for all babies under six months. The sleep sack is ideal for traveling and would ensure your baby a good night's sleep while on the road.

The best part is that when traveling with newborns in flight, these sacks can also be placed in an airline bassinet.


·    White Noise Machine

Newborns and Toddlers want to sleep in silence. However, traveling is anything but that. You don't know whether your hotel would not be noisy or you'd find silence while on the road. Hence, invest in this white noise machine to ensure sound sleep for your baby.


·      Kiddale Baby Diaper Bag

The Kiddale Baby Diaper Bag is a literal lifesaver for parents. The bag is curated, keeping the baby's and parent's needs in mind. Three thermal pockets ensure no milk bottles go cold, and an easily reachable wipes pocket would come in handy to quickly withdraw wipes.

The best part is that the baby diaper bag is big enough to hold laptops. So, for all working parents, there is nothing better than this.


·      Travel Car Seat

Many people are bound to rent a car when exploring different areas or countries. Hence, a travel car seat would come in handy. This car seat travel bag would come in handy for road trips, but its portable mechanism and light weight make it a fantastic baby essential for plane travels too.



·      Kiddale Baby Carrier Sling

It isn't always possible to carry your baby in a stroller. Hence, the Kiddale Baby Carrier Sling is what you need too. 


The Kiddale Baby Carrier Sling offers users three positions to carry their baby: facing inward and outward and a hip seat carry design. The vast and thick leather straps not only give the sling an ergonomic design, but the polyester and 3D mesh material provide a breathable single net for complete ventilation.



·      Lightweight Travel Stroller

The Polka Tots Zebra Stroller and Pram would be one of the best investments you can make. This is because this travel stroller is handy for newborns up to the age of toddlers. Hence, it will work wonders for you in the long run.

The stroller is durable and lightweight. Hence, when traveling, it can be folded and carried with ease. The accessible convertible technology of the travel stroller allows the baby to sit comfortably in six different positions, ensuring a smooth journey.



·      Nursing Cover and Pads

Breastfeeding can be a challenging task during travels. However, investing in the Easy Feed Nursing Cover would be your best decision. These breastfeeding covers can be worn as a scarf or shawl, allowing modest coverage while feeding. The breathable material also offers the right amount of ventilation to the baby.


The Kiddale Disposable Nursing Pads should be your go-to option if you are worried about after-feed milk leakage.



·      Portable Travel High Chair

When traveling, eating out is common. However, not all restaurants provide high chairs for babies. Hence, carrying the VEEYOO Hook-On Chair would be a great idea. This high travel chair is hooked onto the table and can easily hold babies up to six months. 

The travel chair would help parents enjoy a meal peacefully while making the baby an equal part of the dinner.



·      Travel Toys

During long-haul flights, toddlers are bound to get cranky. Hence, keeping them indulged in several activities is important. The Wooden Activity Cube is an essential travel toy for ages 1-3 and autistic kids too. It will help keep your baby busy with its different activities while also helping them sharpen their developmental years of learning.

The travel toy is lightweight and doesn't take up much space too. 



·      Spill Proof Snack Cup

At a certain age, toddlers are prone to eating themselves. Parents should let their kids eat independently, enhancing their hand-eye coordination and making them acknowledge their own choices. 


The 2-in-1 Silicon Sipper helps toddlers drinks and pick and eat on their own without causing many spills. The material used is also immensely safe for the baby and can be bought without worry.



·      Silicone Table Mat

The Mookie Silicon Table Mat is made from the finest quality food-grade silicon, ensuring safe baby use. The mat is high-raised from the edges, contains messes and spills, and gives your baby the experience of eating independently.


The mat is foldable; hence easy to carry and easily cleaned with a wet wipe. 



·      Light Weight Travel Blankets

Traveling blankets are essential for newborns and toddlers to keep them warm and cozy. The blanket from Linenaffairs is multi-purpose clothing to carry when traveling with a toddler and baby.

These are soft yet thick and ensure enough warmth to keep your little one cozy throughout long or short travels.


·      Volume Limiting Toddler Headphone

Technology is a massive aspect of everyone's lives, and your toddler is bound to use a gadget or two too. Hence, keeping a volume-limiting toddler headphone for them to enjoy their games and videos is a great idea to keep them occupied during travels.


·      Bassinet and Stroller Cover

This might not be traveling with toddler essentials for everyone, but it might be handy. The Bassinet and Stroller Cover by CoziGo is a great idea when traveling. This is because this cover is bound to protect the baby from a UVP of 50+ while on a stroll on a sunny day and can fit equally well on a bassinet when your baby is sleeping, keeping him safe from bugs too.



·      Loads of Diapers and Extra Clothing, of course!

Last but not least, pack up loads of diapers and extra clothing because you don't know how much you might need. The brand of diapers and clothing can depend on your personal choice. Pro tip: keep extra pairs for yourself, too; blowout happens when you least expect them.



We hope this guide was sufficient to help you understand all essential items when traveling with a newborn or toddler. Have a great trip, you all.

Key Points

  • The Halo Swaddle Sack helps keep your baby sturdy and maintain their sleep.
  • The white noise machine helps cut down noise and ensures sound sleep.
  • Kiddale Diaper Bag is big enough to carry all baby essentials and warm your milk.
  • Ensure safe car travels with the car seat travel bag,
  • Carry your baby through several terrains easily in three different positions with Kiddale Baby Carrier Sling.
  • Fold the Polka Tots Zebra Stroller and carry it easily with you.
  • Breastfeed your baby modestly with the Easy Feed Nursing Cover and pads.
  • Make your little one a part of family dinners with the VEEYOO Hook-On Chair.
  • Sharpen developmental skills and tackle boredom with the Wooden Activity Cube.
  • Let your baby, enjoy their meal with the Spill Proof Snack Cup and Silicone Table Mat.
  • Ensure Cozy and Warm Travels with Lineaffairs Travel Blankets.
  • The bassinet and Stroller Cover protect babies from the UVP 50+ harsh rays of sunlight.
  • Extra diapers and clothing – blowouts can happen anywhere.


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