About Us

Kiddale is the brain child of Prashant and Anshita Agrawal. While Upbringing their own child Rhythm, they realized that Indian market did not have many of the innovative Baby products which they would like to use for their own child. Due to this gap, they started importing products from global stores like Amazon.com. Overtime, they could see the potential of these products in Indian market and decided to launch their own label- Kiddale. Just like Male, Female, they feel their should be word "Kiddale"- to show a separate world for kids.

At present, they are developing the world's best Musical Books for Kids and providing a digital detoxification alternative for children.

With a presence in Indian and UAE markets over last 5 years, Kiddale has served more than 1,000,00 customers worldwide. Almost all its products receive 4 Star+ ratings on channels like Amazon, Flipkart and Meesho. If a product drops below 4, it is phased out at the annual review meeting.

Check out our product ratings and reviews on Amazon and Flipkart.