Kiddale Brand Collaboration Program

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Brand Collaboration Process

Kiddale Collaboration Program is very simple, and easy to do. You need to post our reel with your voice-over and caption to get a gift. These are explained in six easy steps which will take not more than 5 min to do.

Step1: Follow our channel to get connected if not done so far.

Step 2: Click  here to download this Video reel which showcases our website- Kindly note It has only background music with no voice.

Step 3:Record and add your Voice:  Add your voice in the Video by reading out the following script- English/Hindi in your natural tone. Your audio should sound natural and loud enough to engage your channel audience.

Step 4: Post the revised reel after recording and adding your voice on your IG channel with the caption (click to download the word file)

Step 5: Select your Gift: Check the available gifts as given on this Gift Page.  Add the gift in your cart.  Apply the discount code IGPromo to get it completely free

Step 6: Update the link of the reel posted by you in the “Company” section of the address on checkout  page for us to verify. Place order of your shortlisted gift with your address and contact details. The order value will be Rs.0 once you have added the promocode-  IGPromo

Terms and Conditions:

  1. This program is an invite-only program. It means you can apply to it only if you are invited by us. We are inviting all social collaborators whose actual followers and engagement meets our desired threshold limit.

  2. The video submitted by you on channel should have the caption provided and voice recorded by you as per the script.

  3. Kindly note: Your submission will be reviewed and approved by us within 72 hrs if found containing details like captions, your recorded voice in the video reel and posting link. Once the gift is dispatched, you will get the tracking id with in 3 days of submission.



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